Sponsorship Measurement & Strategy

How we do it

To profoundly influence behaviour for a brand or property, measurement, ideas, experiences and profitable sustainable outcomes are fundamental and measurement is at the heart of our approach

BrandAdvantages Measurement Tools

We have created a sophisticated set of proprietary sponsorship measurement tools that provide a more consistent, efficient and objective measurement process allowing both a Return on Objectives (ROO) and Return on Investment (ROI) position to be established.

Currently there are very few measurement systems that offer such complete processes. BrandAdvantages proprietary tools rectify this by addressing tangible and intangible aspects of sponsorship, market and strategic values, target markets, and the relationship equity delivered through passionate fan engagement.

Sponsorship measurement is no longer a nice to have it is an imperative. With increasing rights fees coupled with budgetary requirements, and the need to ensure successful engagement, there is now, more than ever, pressure for sponsorship investments to be accountable.