The Nielsen BrandAdvantage NZ Sports,  Arts,  & Entertainment Report includes:

  • Marketplace overview – changing sports landscape and fan behaviour.
  • Top 16 Sports - detailed information and profiles of sports, their media, and engagements
    • Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Motor Racing, Netball, Rowing, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Sailing/Yachting, Skiing/Snow Boarding, Soccer, Summer Olympics, Surfing/Swimming/Watersports, Tennis, Triathlons/Iron Man events.
  • 15 arts and entertainment events and places.
    • A&P shows, Art galleries, Ballet, Christmas in the park, Fashion week, Historical Buildings, Lantern festival, Live music concerts, Musicals, Pasifika, Te Papa Museum, Theatre, Theme & Amusement parks, Wine/Food festivals, Zoo/Wildlife Parks.
  • 21 additional and active recreation activities.
    • Adventure Racing/Multisport, Athletics/Track & Field, Baseball/Softball, Camping/Tramping, Cycling/Bicycle Riding, Equestrian/Horse Riding, Fishing, Going to the Gym/Working out, Lawn Bowls, Martial Arts/Boxing, Motor Boating, Roller Blading/Roller-skating, Running/Jogging, Snooker/Pool, Motorbike Racing/Trial Biking, Speedway/Stock Car Racing, Squash/Badminton, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Walking/Power Walking.
  • Star Power.
    • Top 10 male and female athlete’s awareness and rating against 9 key measures

So find out today who your fans and enthusiasts are, where and how your sport best aligns, discover how this can assist you in driving stronger commercial success, and delivering winning outcomes for you and your partners. Develop new or re-direct current strategies by understanding your audience; what they love, why they attend, how they communicate and a great deal more.

The Report focuses on the changing Sports landscape in New Zealand, Sports Fans, their ‘Fandom’ and interest, how they communicate and share their engagement, their attendance, use of media by type and a complete profile of who the Fans are and their ‘Fan-O-Graphics’. Along with this, we include examples of sponsor recall across rugby, football, cricket, netball, golf, and league.

In addition, the report contains a number of market overviews, from NZ’s ethnicity change and how different Auckland is, Signage and it’s cut-through, what you really need to understanding in making a signage purchase,  Our aging population, which are the strongest media by sport/fan , how often they are engaged, the size of the market, Changing consumption of sport, the growing importance of the great outdoors, Personal participation, what other sports do fans love, Technology and Social, passion v/s facts and are Fans aware, plus more.

Football Capture

The report also contains a section on Star Power and the measurement and strength of our Top 20 athletes across 9 main measurement points and a breakdown of the results by our top 7 regions.

Arts and Entertainment was also included with enthusiast numbers for 15 major places and activities, from the Ballet, Concerts, Public Gardens and Historic Buildings, and Te Papa, to Fashion Week, Pasifika, the Chinese Lantern Festival, Christmas in the Park, through to A & P Shows, and Zoos. Who are these people, where do they live, how often do they attend, what else do they love, and where do these places and activities rank in importance for enthusiasts.

The objectives of this report are:  Through new Analytics, Discover who your Fans are, their Emotion and Behaviour to create the best partnership choices and effectiveness for your partners.

  1. To provide sponsors, brands, and their agencies and media owners with defined analytics and marketplace information that can be overlayed against their own data to allow decision making that is more robust and valuable; delivering a fuller view of the sports, arts, and entertainment marketplace. This will allow a maximisation of investment through a better understanding of the rapidly changing landscape that is; How New Zealanders view, feel, and engage their Sports, Arts, and Entertainment.
  2. To provide relevant governing bodies with a stronger understanding of their fans and better identify with their Fan base, how they engage, use media, share their passion, and engage with brands.
Rugby League Engagement

The report was generated utilising a robust representative sample of the New Zealand population aged 15+ and supplemented using the Nielsen Consumer and Media Insights data. It is offered in sections or entirety, depending on your needs.

In addition to the general report, there are options for in depth reporting for brand owners or sports organisations. You can also add specific questions into our next survey.

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