Technology and your Granting Data

by Karl Sullivan on 30/10/2020
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With technology being as accessible as ever, data and how it is used, has never been so important. Companies around the world invest substantial resources into understanding data to make analytically informed decisions. We all know data can be used to track sales and forecast growth, but how can data be used for non-profit granting?


Most Grant Managers in New Zealand have an obligation to meet reporting requirements but reporting on granting data can go beyond this, by providing insights to Trustees and External Stakeholders! Reporting your data may not be as difficult as it seems, the digital age has helped make this a simple and meaningful task.


The days of manually inputting data into a spreadsheet should be over!


A common misconception is that data is only useful for organisations with a large budget, grant makers using a grant management system have the advantage of all their data being right at their fingertips. Grant Management Systems collate all data and allow customised reporting with a click of a button, these insights can help make informed decisions about where previous funding went and the type of community projects that were helped. It's possible to gain even more insights by overlaying your granting data with publicly available data, this can help demonstrate whether the distribution of funding is meeting your organisational goals.


The progression of technology has not only helped with the accessibility of granting data, but has also helped with the affordability of systems. The BA Analyser system allows grant makers to manage their grant applications and data, without the need for a large budget.


Grant Managers have been given a unique opportunity to take control of their data and put their time where it’s most needed – ensuring the important community projects get the funding they desperately need!


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