Grant Management Systems

Introduction to BA Analyser for Trusts, Foundations and Companies

The Analyser system features a fully encrypted sign-in process.

Featuring an interactive and straight-forward dashboard designed with 9 Icons to easily navigate throughout each part of the system.

Analyser is fully integrated, from the applicant being able to make applications through to undertaking eligibility and compliance, making comments and voting, to live grant rounds and post Grant Accountability and reporting all included.

Analyser the service, is provided as stated below and can be tailored to your requirements

  • A fully hosted service
  • 24/7 access for anywhere in the world with internet
  • 100GB of data easily upgradable
  • Full Online manual
  • Unlimited Grant Categories, Unlimited Sub Categories
  • Unlimited Users (no seat licences), Unlimited applications
  • Online help desk
  • 99% Average Monthly Up time of the service
  • Multi-level user authorities
  • Full site set up is provided
  • The system will receive free, BAL created system upgrades
  • All data is backed up daily, on site and in two off site (remote) locations
  • Secure login for Organisation users with an encrypted system
  • You will always have the latest version of the Analyser software
  • Users can easily find all the functionality and actions using BAs How to Guides.
  • The interface navigation is simple and intuitive to use
  • Complete search abilities throughout the system

Analyser General Functionality

  • Editable pop up help to appear against questions
  • Customisation of the application forms, to the look and style of your website
  • Allows file uploads, dropdowns, check boxes, text boxes, text fields throughout the application.
  • Applicant data automatically flows through to the grant management system.
  • View and download the full application completed by the applicant
  • Summary as a PDF or the Summary and the Application for Board Committee meetings
  • Up to 4 different Grants Types in the one system
  • Charities Commission and Incorporated Societies APIs allowing verification
  • Direct links to the Companies office to undertake organisation checking
  • Export data to CSV excel or PDF including financial commitments
  • Add notes and comments around all granting and grant process activity
  • iCalendar functionality linking to Outlook and Google Calendars available
  • Full Task Management system is available supporting emails to each user regarding daily workflow.
  • Assignment Functionality is also available to assign users to Apps Received or Accountability.
  • Restrict the application locations to your organisations selected TLA/Regions
  • Insert electronic signatures into the live grant rounds
  • Active user warnings when another User is working on an application.
  • Import data into the system so your applicants grant making history is there to review
  • Servers support full virus scans and security features
  • Prompts for staff to ensure functions are completed before navigating away
  • A full email system within Analyser, which alerts users to new email, allows all mail to be sent & received from within the system and storing against each application.
  • Full editable Accountability Reports support the systems grant making
  • Bulk approval and decline emails to speed up process, but all personalised
  • A live grant round set up by users who dictate the round inclusions, allocated funds, open and closed dates and grants to be considered
  • Add an emergency grant/s to a round easily
  • Reporting from the live grant round is presented by a series of PDF or CSV reports
  • PDF reports that can be used for publishing results
  • Budgets can be entered when creating the first live grant round
  • Advanced Search for building unique reporting using a drag and drop structure
  • Accountability Reports is online easily edited by system users, is fully automated with the system sending automated Accountability Report request emails
  • Accountability Reports statuses, required, pending, submitted, approved all display
  • Document library is the repository for all approved applications.
  • Grant payments, ability to amend dates, amounts, batch payments and individual grant payments along with rescindment payments are held in document library.
  • Multiple grant payments, payment dates can be set, alerts sent to the accounts payable team and to the payee.
  • Accountability Report due dates may also be amended
  • If your organisation banks with BNZ, .afi files are available
  • Enable a small balance forgiveness, to identify a dollar value you will forgive the applicant as oppose to a refund.
  • An Applicant Portal is a location for applicants to log in to after completing their application submission. They can check progress of any grant, add users to access the same information, add organisations, access their accountability report, complete or make amendments prior to submitting.
  • And Much More,

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