BrandAdvantage’s Measurement Tools


The starting point for our clients before commencing any involvement with some 40 odd check points and consideration sets to be addressed. We cover the company mission vision and values, the core objectives and key strategic outcomes being sort, which include desired customer, trade, partner and staff outcomes, brand and distribution, timing, media, leveraging engagement platforms and much more.


When we work with a Property or presenting one this is the place we start. Evaluator delivers all the property constructs, it values, the type of benefits that can be created, the enhancements against its current deliver/proposals, defines future positions and addresses engagement measures including leveraging and brand integration opportunities.


BA Analyser delivers two services as an SaaS software: First is the automatic receipt of all applications, rating, scoring, evaluating, communicating with applicants, data basing, reporting and recommending the best sponsorship and community grant application against your objectives Secondly, it allows you to fully evaluate your current sponsorships performance against your strategic objectives


In planning any sponsorship it is important to clearly define the opportunities, but also the total playing field with other sponsors, the market overlaps and potential space our clients can own. This includes the design for the all the activation inputs, the leveraging and how the plan will be activated, the platform construction for integration through the brand and organisation, plus the development of new commercial revenue for our client and the integration of existing IP and the creation of new IP for the client.


BrandAdvantage’s valuation tool, unlike many other methods available utilises both tangible and intangible values, BA Valuer is and objective, best practice system for determining fair and equitable Market values and Strategic values for each client. The system is based upon an economic modelling process that is bespoke for every clients reflecting their objectives and strategies, using the clients Strategic Rating Points (SRP’s) overplayed against the total valuations 1100 plus measurement points creating a bespoke strategic value and a marketplace value


Hospitality is a very common component of many sponsorships or event activations, but is rarely is it fully valued against what is often a large per person investment. Our system allows not only the Guest experience tracking and reporting, but more importantly unveils the added value derived from a Guest over their lifetime pre and post their hospitality experience. This system delivers a comprehensive report, by business units and in real dollar values


Is a powerful tool for brand owners, sponsorship rights companies signage companies and media organisations, BrandAdvantage’s MBV is an automated brand analysis programme that provides the capture of core data from electronic mediums from TV, Film, Mobile and other image and sound communication media. We capture total exposures, time on screen, clutter factors, angle, average size, position on screen and more. When this is overplayed with core media data a real ROI can be achieved


In the growing television sponsorship market we enable the tracking and measurement of branding in broadcast against pre-determined measurement benchmarks. This system engages in understanding the impact on screen, the frequency of engagement, value of pre promotion programming and re-runs or highlights, full audience data, the prestige and brand fit and all of this is overlaid with real client media buying costs, not Ratecard values. The system factors in product placement, factors live or passive engagement with the product and measures presenter star power, prestige and brand fit.