See Why BA Analyser is the Leading New Zealand Created, Grant Making System

24/7 system access from anywhere with internet, full backups daily on & off site, the data is always yours, intuitive dashboards and navigation, multiple user authorities, APIs with Govt databases for instant registration confirmation, ability to create your own reporting, built in email for all processes that send and store within the system meaning you never have to go looking for emails again, fully Hosted, linked to your website for Applicants to commence their applications from, carrying your branding imagery and corporate colours.

Total Integration for Grant Management

All applications are made and received online, you can add a paper grant if needed, your eligibility requirements are all built into the processes of the system, Applicants upload their documentation and you specify want is required. Compliance is all on one simple dashboard which can be added to as you need. All requested amounts can be fully detailed, amended as compliant or not, Managers comments to advise your board or NPC are a single click away, and Applications can all be rated with priorities against to position each applications importance. Full Analytics and Reporting for every step including Post Grant Accountability Reporting.

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The Questions we ask Dictate the Answers we Receive and Assessments we Make,

Are you asking the right questions or collecting enough information and is it easy to change? Analyser allows you to do this with ease and ensures the information completed is on strategy for your processes to allow smooth grant making and meaningful information to understand the impact your grant making will have. You can tailor your application gathered, connect it with reporting and all communications, through to your accountability reporting, which can also be tailored to suit your needs.

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Unlimited Users, Applications, Categories and Multiple Grant Types

You can have multiple users on the site at the same time, with user warnings when anyone is on the same application. You can track and report on all categories of granting from; Health, Education, Community Services, Sport and more. Applicants are reminded when making an Application if they are overdue with the accountability for their last grant. Track your grant applications by Geo data, regions and territorial local authorities, and split granted amounts against multiple regions and budgets by grant type.

Are your sponsorships the best fit for your brands

Sponsorship approaches can take up a lot of staff and executive time to assess only to find; they dont fit, get given to an assistant who does not have the tools to assess, they are just missed or only the ones that are Liked get through rather than What is Right. With Analyser you can also evaluate your current sponsorship and community programmes, run and manage budgets against the sponsorship, save time spent reviewing, engage the system through national and local offices across multiple brands with one system.

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