Experiences connect consumers and brands

In todays marketplace, the future of brands lies in their ability to sell experiences that are loved and admired. Relationships built on devotion, pride, excitement, glamour, the emotions of wins and losses, the coolness of the association with their heroes. A Brand that does not have a meaningful relationship with consumers is just a Product or Service. It is the depth and strength of a brands relationship that will allow a brand to succeed. And as Brands are like people, it is the emotional connection and the depth of it that will drive a Brands future. Consumers love with a passion; their Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle engagements, and we deliver these channels to our clients through intelligently designed brand experiences based upon commercial and measured outcomes.

Innovating and Measuring Brand Connection

Innovating and measuring brand connection for any sponsorship engagement is a must have, not just a nice to have. Innovation is about creating the standout idea that will engage fully the brands passionate consumers as well as the organisation as a whole and channel partners. Owning the idea and creating an engagement platform is more important than the size of the idea. Clear ownership is fundamental to the strength of connection with the Brands consumers, which drives engagement all levels creating relationship capital and you must build measurement touchpoints in all processes.

The Rules for Brand Engagement

To create ideas that can enable a sponsorship to truly engage its audiences and deliver real value for the Brand, it must have engagement that can be measured. In planning any sponsorship you must embed measurement into the total process, remembering that passion metrics are more important that reach metrics, that revenue streams should be created around each activity and that rights payments should be tied to performance and total measurable delivery. A truly successful sponsorship will create measureable growth in relationship equity allowing your brand to be further loved and admired.

How we do it

To profoundly influence behaviour for a brand or property, measurement, ideas, experiences and profitable sustainable outcomes are fundamental and measurement is at the heart of our approach

What we do

We deliver the following services for our clients

Our services deliver impactful business building ideas delivering brand experiences through Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyles

Our Services

Analytics and Measurement • Brand Strategy and Planning • Commercialisation • Innovative Ideas • Properties and Events • Property Search and Recommendations • Event or Rights Creation • Rights Modelling • Sponsorship Blueprints • Integration Development and Planning • Bespoke Hospitality Development • Planning and Delivery • Leveraging Strategies • Staff Engagement Programmes • Trade Programmes • Event staging • Media Rights Negotiation • Sales Lead Generation • Rights Sales Generation • Activation and Implementation • Rights and IP management • Contracting • Results and Tracking engagement

Audit and Evaluations
  • Evaluation and management of all applications for sponsorship a client receives BA Analyser Software
  • Full evaluation of all applications for sponsorship a client receives
  • Complete evaluation of a clients current sponsorships performance against their Strategic Objectives
  • Corporate Evaluation
  • Lifestyle, Sports or Entertainment Property Evaluation
  • Hospitality Measurement
  • ROI Valuations and Measurement
  • Media Brand Evaluations

BrandAdvantages Measurement Tools

We have created a sophisticated set of proprietary sponsorship measurement tools that provide a more consistent, efficient and objective measurement process allowing both a Return on Objectives (ROO) and Return on Investment (ROI) position to be established.

Currently there are very few measurement systems that offer such complete processes. BrandAdvantages proprietary tools rectify this by addressing tangible and intangible aspects of sponsorship, market and strategic values, target markets, and the relationship equity delivered through passionate fan engagement.

Sponsorship measurement is no longer a nice to have it is an imperative. With increasing rights fees coupled with budgetary requirements, and the need to ensure successful engagement, there is now, more than ever, pressure for sponsorship investments to be accountable.

Our People

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Harnessing Star Power
‘Star power’ influences the behaviour of millions of people around the world and, in many cases, leads to what products, services and brands they buy.
Engaging with Sports Fans
Sport; it’s the lifeblood of Kiwi culture. We watch it, play it, and love companies that support it. In fact, across the top five sports, 67% of fans feel more positive about companies that invest in NZ sport.

Innovating & Measuring Brand Connection

Founded in measurement and led by Fresh Thinking, we create compelling ways for brands & rights holders to engage their fans. Delivering strategy, ROO, ROI & Media Analytics.

Sports, Arts, & Entertainments Research

The 2015-16 reports on the NZ Sports, Arts, & Entertainment market, the fans, who they are, what they support, read, view and how they share their passions; plus, the new top sponsor brand’s performance report. Partnered by Nielsen.

Sponsorship, Grants, & Class 4 Gaming Software

Receive applications online, evaluate, score, rate, communicate, full email functionality, full assessment, vote, track, database, store documents, full history, report & fully manage all processes.